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A Travel Guide to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Friuli-Venezia Giulia lies on the north-eastern most point of Italy on the country borders of Slovenia to the East and Austria to the North. Its neighbouring Italian region of Veneto borders it to the west. Its Adriatic coastline lies to the south and extends even further alongside western Slovenia to one of the most significant ports in Europe and the region’s capital – Trieste.

Trieste was once the stronghold of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its most significant architecture is the Castle of Miramare built for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in the mid-19th century. It was built on a rocky promontory on a 22 acre plot landscaped with beautiful gardens and exotic trees. It is possible to view the castle through a guided tour organised by its museum authority. Trieste also has a majestic 15th century Castle San Giusto that took over 200 years to build and its nearby 9th century Cathedral San Giusto built on the foundations of an early Roman church. The cathedral also houses a museum that exhibits a wonderful display of medieval art. The more chilling history of the Second World War and its impact upon Trieste is retold by the museum that was once an old Nazi concentration camp. Also nearby is the largest cave complex in the world – the Grotta Gigante, and the foundations of an old Roman Baths with more relics from the ancient civilisation in the town museum. Other great towns full of historical significance are Udine south east of the region’s centre and Aquileia that lies near the central coastline of the region’s Adriatic.

The temperatures in Friuli-Venezia Giulia are warmer on the Adriatic coastline with temperatures that can hit the twenties (°C) as early as May and then they will remain consistently in the twenties through to October peaking in August. Many marinas and beaches have achieved the Blue Flag status – the European award for eco-friendly beaches and marinas with high levels of cleanliness. The two most prestigious are: Lignano Sabbiadoro, with four marinas and the beach that has taken its name lying on the southwest; and on the east (before following the Slovenian border to Trieste ) is the other – Grado - with one marina and four beaches. There are also other notables including the capital whose memorable marina has also achieved the award.

When the weather draws into the colder seasons, tourists travel inland to enjoy the peaks. Skiing is enjoyed on the snow rather than the water and the surf board is replaced by the snow board. Slowly drifting boats on horizontal summer waters give way to pitons wedged into vertical mountains as the adventurer climbs rather than sails. There are many resorts for winter sports as there are for the summer recreation. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a truly versatile region of Italy with plenty to do all year round whether dressed down for the summer or dressed up for the winter. There is plenty of accommodation available in this glorious region from cool beach houses near the coast to snug chalets in the mountains.

There is a wide variety of self catering holiday accommodation in Friuli-Venezia Giulia ranging from cool beach houses and apartments near the coast to snug chalets in the mountains.

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